Recuitment and Selection Process

This section outlines what methods Council uses to determine the most suitable applicant for a position.

Screening Applications

After the closing date all applications are reviewed by the Interview Panel and those that most closely meet the selection criteria are invited for interview.

Contacting you for interview

If you are selected for interview, you will be contacted by telephone and sent a confirmation in writing including the date, time and location for interview.

Preparation for Interview

It's important to bring the originals of all qualifications relied on in the application, plus drivers licence and any other licences required for the job. You may also want to bring along other material that will support claims you have made about your experience and skills, such as copies of reports or examples of your past work.

At the Interview

The Interview Panel will conduct the interview and ask questions relevant to the selection criteria in the position description. The same questions are asked of all applicants.

Applicants will be asked to provide examples of how their past experience meets each of the essential and desirable selection criteria. Be prepared with answers to describe specific examples of past achievements, experiences and projects to the interview panel.

The next stage

After the interview the Panel will short list those applicants who will progress to the next stage of the recruitment and selection process. The next stage may include any of the following assessments which vary depending on the role- a physical assessment of your ability to perform the work, an online aptitude test, a second interview, pre employment health screen and a referee check.

It is a good idea to prepare your referees by asking for their agreement to act in this capacity, and giving them details of the position you have applied for with Council. We gain the approval of short listed applicants before we contact the referees.

No offer of employment will be made until all steps in the recruitment and selection process are completed.

Offer of Employment

At the completion of the recruitment and selection process a verbal offer will be made to the preferred applicant. When the verbal offer has been accepted the offer will be confirmed in writing with the salary, terms and conditions of employment and the starting date.

Unsuccessful applicants

Applicants who are unsuccessful in the recruitment and selection process will be advised in writing.

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