Working With Us


In this busy world the time we invest heavily in developing our careers and our working life is key to achieving satisfaction and balance. For this reason, choosing an employer is a significant decision.

Council appreciates in a world full of jobs and work locations why would you choose Moree Plains Shire Council?

We pride ourselves on:

•·     Getting Results

•·     Training and Development

•·     Valuing Partnerships

•·     Excellence in Customer Service

Our organisation values:

Courage, in our thoughts, ideas and actions,

Accountability, we value accepting responsibility for our actions and delivering what has been agreed to,

Safety, which focuses on the wellbeing of staff and the community,

Teamwork, Council as a whole supporting one another to achieve the best results for staff and the community,

Honesty, acting truthfully, consistently and with fairness in all our interactions.


We are open to reviewing:

•·     Your Salary or Package Structure

•·     Personal Motivators

•·     Career Goals

•·     Flexible Work Arrangements

•·     Relocation Assistance

We achieve excellent results:

Based on a systematic quality assurance approach revolved around:

"Thinking and Planning"

"Implementing and Doing"

"Monitoring and Evaluating"

"Learning and Adapting"


Advantages of Working for Moree Plains Shire Council

Salary Packaging

Moree Plains Shire Council allows all permanent employees to salary package. This means certain deductions can be made from your salary pre-tax hence reducing your taxable income and making your salary work more effectively for you. Moree Plains Shire Council does not provide financial advice and all salary packaging should be reviewed independently with your own financial advisor.

Some popular options include: Leaseback of Council Vehicles, Employee Contributed Superannuation,

Significantly at Moree Plains Shire Council this extends to:

Child Care

As the owner and operator of Gwydir Day Care, employees who's pre-school age children attend the centre are entitled to salary sacrifice childcare payments.


Classified as a remote area for housing, and some employees are able to salary sacrifice up to 50% of their mortgage payments or rent and 50% of electricity or gas. 

Novated Leases

Employees who wish to use novated leases or associate leases to purchase vehicles have these options.

Employees who are able to access a leaseback vehicle as a benefit to their position, may elect to garage the vehicle and use it free of charge for business use only, whilst concurrently using a novated or associate lease for their private vehicle.

Leaseback of Vehicles

Some positions with Council have the associated benefit of a leaseback vehicle.

Those positions with the leaseback option enjoy private use of one of the modern, well-appointed Council vehicles.


Some roles will have the option of a variety of standard hour distribution including compressed hours, working from home arrangements, staggered retirements, flexible return to work, purchased leave, extended absences from the workplace in 5 year cycles to take advantage of opportunities such as study or travel, rostered days off and much more.

Training and Development

Learning and adapting is an important part of improvement in all of our lives. Council supports professional development in many ways:

· Invests heavily in training and development

· Annually completes individual training plans resulting from performance reviews or competency assessments

· Offers an annual comprehensive menu of training opportunities in house

· Has skilled and qualified staff to support new entrants

· Uses teams to utilise and complement skills to complete tasks.

•-       Proactively reviews funding opportunities

· Sponsors employees through the Educational Assistance Program and other   programs including leadership and mentoring programs

· Has trained and employs over 30 Workplace Trainers and Assessors

· Keeps senior employees up to date with selected attendance at Conferences and Seminars

· Utilises funded traineeship opportunities for people entering the workplace without qualifications

· Partners with local schools to include our youth exposing them to potential future carers and work skills

· Offers scholarships in some professional areas in conjunction with selected Universities

· Offers regular opportunities to act in higher roles or learn about different functions of Council.

Work Life Balance

Achieving a work life balance is the key to success personally and professionally. If work dominates your life it is likely that you will become burnt out, unproductive and generally your quality of life at home and work will suffer. For this reason, Council works continuously towards meeting the needs of the business in a manner that compliments your individual circumstances. Whist for some positions, operational needs such as rosters are unavoidable, for many other positions however, issues such as start/stop times for example can be negotiated when accepting a position.

People working in administrative functions areas enjoy a 35 hour week and an RDO every 3rd week, whilst others working in areas such as road construction work a 38 hour week but enjoy and RDO every second Friday. All staff enjoy four weeks annual leave per year which normally includes a Christmas close down period.

Council provides generous provisions for maternity, paternity and supporting partner leave, carers leave, and works to accommodate the responsibilities of all carers. It is understood that at various times through out life the balance between work and home may vary and Council is open to reviewing options such as part-time work when approaching retirement.

Health, Safety and Well Being

Moree Plains Shire Council invests greatly into the health, safety and well being of all employees and people accessing Council facilities. Some highlights include:

Healthy Education Programs

Scattered through out the year, professionals are engaged by Council to assist employees


Council focuses on training all its staff in safe working. Upon commencement all staff attend a Risk Management Induction but are also provided with training in specific safety requirements for your role.

Accommodation of Personal Health Needs

Moree Plains Shire Council uses a job-matched pre-employment health screening to ensure that you are able to complete the inherent requirements of your position safely. This system is also used to accommodate individual needs wherever possible through modification of positions or use of special equipment. Staff are actively encouraged to continuously examine and improve work processes and environments.

Employee Assistance Program

Council uses a local registered psychologist to provide a EAPS service. This is a recognition that from time, life may present any one of us with issues that impact upon our performance at work. Initial assessment and referral to the program is available through the Human Resources Manager.


All employees who are working in the areas of identified risk will be immunized by Council. All employees however are able to access the annual influenza immunisation program promoted each year.

Valuing Diversity

The diversity with the Moree Plains Shire Council workforce is continually growing in line with the satisfaction achieved by people working who have come from different cultural backgrounds. Diversity adds to the ideas, sills and outlook of the organisation. The participation rate of people identifying as Aboriginal currently sits on 16.6% and is a very significant part of Council being able to effectively service its community.

Ethical Behaviour

Moree Plains Shire Council insists on the highest levels of ethical behaviour from all employees. This includes areas such as Code of Conduct, privacy, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), transparency and accountability, and safety. This applies to all processes including working with other employees, the public and handling information.

Childcare Assistant

Closes: 20/03/2019
Job Type: Permanent Part Time
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Temporary Finance Officer - Customer Service (Maternity Relief)

Closes: 20/03/2019
Job Type: Temporary Full Time (14 Months)
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Truck Driver - Sealed Maintenance

Closes: 20/03/2019
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
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Group Leader

Closes: 30/03/2019
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
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Building Maintenance Coordinator

Closes: 03/04/2019
Job Type: Permanent Full Time
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